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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Want to Create An Instant Holiday Oasis for Yourself?

Since December can feel overwhelming for so many of us…too many obligations…too many presents to buy…too much sugar to ingest…too little time for yourself, I’m offering a virtual Creative Oasis Day Trippers experience for the holidays that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home whenever you like rather than my usual in-person excursion. (click here to learn more about Creative Oasis Day Trippers)

I’ve given you lots of options below, so you can create an instant Holiday Oasis that feels just right for you, and even included a permission slip to get you started. Now, please pick up a candy cane, raise your right hand and repeat after me:

* I hereby give myself permission to enjoy five or ten minutes of my own personal holiday oasis.
* I hereby further give myself permission to actually spend even more time than this if I am even remotely able.
* I hereby give myself permission to thoroughly enjoy my Holiday Oasis without guilt, without attempting to multi-task, and without further ado.

How to Create Your Own 
Instant Holiday Oasis: 

#1 – You get to decide when you’d like to enjoy your Holiday Oasis.
 A.  Right this very minute! (Good thinking!)
 B.  I get to put this on my calendar for sometime in the next week. (That’s fine…but please take a moment right now to write it in your planner…type it in iCal…or add it to your official schedule in whatever form that takes.)
C.  I’ll get around to it after I’ve finished all my shopping, wrapped all the presents and baked all the goodies on my list  – oh wait a minute no I won’t – please go back and choose either A or B. 

#2 –     You get to choose the atmosphere in which you’d like to experience your Holiday Oasis.
A. Snuggled up in front of the fireplace. (substitute with fireplace screensaver if you don’t have a real fireplace)
B. Cozy in my favorite chair next to a delicious smelling candle
with a cup of something yummy
C. In my car at stop lights while running some errands and         
frantically crossing things off my To-Do list – oh wait a minute,
that won’t work, will it? You get to choose A or B. 

#3 – You get to pour yourself a glass of cheer by enjoying one of the following:

A. Hot tea, cocoa or coffee
B. Eggnog or wassail
C. A glass of wine or champagne (with a large glass of water on 
             the side to maintain proper hydration)

#4 – You get to do something that you love to do during the holidays, but usually never get around to doing because of your busy schedule. Some ideas would be:

A. Sit and stare at the lights on your Christmas tree and let them
hypnotize you. (deep breathing recommended for this one)
 B. Pull a beloved holiday book off the shelf and enjoy reading it
and/or looking at the pictures
C. Write a letter to someone you haven’t seen lately who you miss just to let them know
D. Peruse favorite holiday recipes and choose something delicious to make sometime within the next couple of weeks. (leaving the cookbook or the recipe out on your kitchen counter could be a good reminder that this is something you’d really like to do)
E. String popcorn and cranberries like the good ole’ days
F. Make a chain out of colorful construction paper and for each chain think of one thing  for which you’re grateful
G. Run around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to make everyone in your life happy by fulfilling their every holiday wish and desire, saying yes to every invitation and obligation while ignoring your own needs and dreams and...wait a minute...wow this thinking is insidious isn't it? Please ignore G completely and choose something from A to F instead.

#5 – You get to make a quick list of some things you’d really love to do this season that will take longer than 5 or 10 minutes. Then you get to circle your very favorite one – the one that makes makes you feel like a kid again and add that to your calendar as well. (Pinky promise yourself that you’ll really do it or why not invite a friend to join you for added support?) Some ideas would be:

A.  Watch your favorite Christmas movie. (Mine is The Bishop’s Wife with David Niven and Cary Grant)
B. Look at Christmas lights on foot or by car
C. Have your picture made with Santa
D. Bake a pie from scratch
E.  Read an entire book in one sitting, stopping only to refill your
holiday beverage of choice and refill your snack plate (how amazing does that sound?)

Since this is your very own, personalized Holiday Oasis – you can also ignore every single suggestion that I’ve given you and come up with something that makes your heart sing…something that the very idea of doing fills you with peace or delight or energy or some other wonderful emotion.  If you’re anything like me, you’re to-do list this time of year is as long as Santa’s and not half has fun. Why not take a moment to put yourself on the nice list and luxuriate in some much needed self-care and holiday cheer?  Even spending just ten minutes doing something nice for yourself can lift your spirits enough to help you sail through the rest of the day with bells on. (and 10 minutes is less than 1% of your entire day – don’t you deserve that?)

I’d love to hear about your Holiday Oasis moments and hope you enjoy taking a little time for yourself to create them this season with my best wishes!

Lots of love and light from my Holiday Oasis to yours,

p.s. H O –H O – H O! (how's that for subliminal advertising?)


SweetOjas said...

I love this, Jill. Simply reading it sprinkled a dash of ease on the situation. My first 5-minute Oasis turned into 45 minutes of a holiday movie, with the remainder on hold for later. I've located the makings for hot chocolate for the finale and have a much better attitude about finishing the gift wrapping in the meantime.

(creativeoasiscoach) said...

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed your holiday oasis and hope you've been able to create a few more for yourself! :)

Ruth said...

What a lovely idea! I feel like I'm just now coming down off my holiday high and am settling back into my usual routine. This year I definitely learned the importance of creating space just for myself!

(creativeoasiscoach) said...

I'm so glad to hear it, Ruth. (and truthfully, it's important all year round, isn't it - not just the holidays!)
Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year! - Jill