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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Does a 3-Step In-Box Detox Sound?

Does your in-box overflow with e-mails, marketing messages and newsletters that leave you feeling overwhelmed? I can relate.

That's why I invite you to join me for an easy 3-Step In-box Detox!

I have detoxing on the brain lately since I'm doing my first ever cleanse. Scary...but doable...and it has me feeling a little like Wonder Woman right about now having made it to the half-way mark and lived to tell the tale.

It also has me contemplating the many ways letting go can be good for us. The Colorado Cleanse has been a great opportunity for my body to release toxins and to let go of old habits that were no longer serving me.

Spring is a nice time for...well...spring-cleaning. It's a great time to dust off the cobwebs and clean out our lives in lots of ways...from our bodies... to our closets...to our in-boxes.

If this sounds good to you, I propose this 3-Step In-box Detox:

Step #1: Take a few minutes to peruse the emails, newsletters and reminders you receive each week and ask yourself, "Does reading this feel like a Get-To-Do or a Have-To-Do?" 

Step #2: Over the next week simply notice which messages tend to pile up before you read or delete them. (For me, a dozen is usually a good indicator that I'm no longer interested.)

Step #3: Give yourself permission to unsubscribe - guilt free! That goes for my Creative Oasis Pages and Mid-Week Oasis Moments too.

If what I'm sharing isn't truly serving, inspiring or enlightening you in some way right now by all means, please unsubscribe. I promise my feelings won't be hurt and the last thing I want is to add to your e-mail overwhelm. If you decide to return in the future you'll be welcomed with open arms.

If you still enjoy receiving my creative inspirations and updates please know that I'm so honored and happy to have you as a member of the Creative Oasis community!

Look for some brand new on-line programs coming soon to help you enjoy more creative fun and fulfillment in your busy life!

Here's to saying goodbye to things that no longer serve us and making room for our own Creative Oasis - the joyful things that make our hearts sing and time fly – kind of like Wonder Woman! 


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