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Craving guilt-free creativity that makes your heart sing and time fly?

Welcome to your Creative Oasis™!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Do you live in DFW? Please join me Saturday June 20, 2015!

Building Creative Confidence Workshop ~ Creative Arts Center of Dallas ~ Saturday, June 20, 2015

You dream of spending more time with the creative endeavors you love. 

You have lots and lots of ideas for creative projects and possibilities but you don't know where to begin. 

You know you want to experience more creativity in your life, but you're not sure what that would look like. 

Everything else in life pushes creativity to the bottom of your to-do list.

You find procrastination and perfectionism keep you from your creative passions. 

You just feel stuck.

If any of these sound familiar I hope you'll join me for my next live workshop at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas, Saturday June 20, 2015.

During our afternoon together I'll introduce you to several of the same simple yet powerful Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching tools and techniques I use with my one-on-one creative coaching clients around the world. 

The methods I'll share will help you: 

*Move past common creative blocks such as procrastination and perfectionism

*Diffuse feelings of overwhelm and not knowing where to begin

* Dive into low-pressure, hands-on creative activities to start your creative juices flowing  to 

* Help you quickly and easily make more time and space in your life for the creative experiences and expressions you desire

* Build your creative confidence

* Give yourself permission to live the creative life you're meant to live 

* Enjoy more time with Creative Oasis Moments (creative experiences that make your heart sing and time fly!)

"Jill's workshop gave me permission to take time for myself and 
not feel guilty about it. It inspired me and got me going!" 
~ Sherry Houpt, Creative Oasis Coaching class participant

Your Creative Oasis can be so much more that art, music, writing or other traditional artistic outlets. It's any activity or experience that makes energizes and delights you. 

It could be gardening, cooking, yoga, dance, entertaining, comedy, reading, scrapbooking, photography, jewelry making, traveling...you name it. 

Whatever puts you in that lovely creative "freedom zone" where you're fully engaged in the joy of the process...that's your Creative Oasis and I'm delighted to help you weave more of those experiences into your life on a regular basis! 

Sound good? 

Join me for my Building Creative Confidence Workshop, and take the first small steps into the wonderful feeling and flow of creative momentum! 


Building Creative Confidence Workshop


Saturday, June 20, 2015

1 to 5 pm


Creative Arts Center of Dallas
2360 Laughlin Dr.
Dallas, TX  75228

$65 for CAC members
$95 for non-members
plus $10 material fee

*Note: This workshop is limited to 10 participants with
pre-registration required.To register call the Creative Arts
Center of Dallas at 214-320-1275 or visit their website at www.creativeartscenter.org

“I absolutely loved Jill’s workshop. I’m more mindful and aware of new ways to acknowledge and incorporate creativity in my everyday activities. I'm inspired to give myself permission to get my creative stuff out and use it.  It was like a massage for my mind! Thank you!” ~  Denise R.

Hope to see you there!

All the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,


P.S. ~ If you don't live in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, or you can't make it to the workshop but still want to add some creative fun and fulfillment to your summer check out my "Create the Summer of Your Dreams Do-It-Yourself Kit" by clicking here