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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creative Oasis Magic Formula for Creative Play

Inspired by the clever works in
Craig Damrauer's New Math series,
I decided to create my own formula for Creative Oasis.

#1 - Add a desire to do something (anything!) creative
#2 - Subtract your mile long list of excuses  
#3 - Add in the pure joy of creative fulfillment 
#4 - And now you have your very own Creative Oasis!
Which written as an equation a la
Damrearu's New Math looks like this:
Creative Oasis = I want to do that - excuses + joy
How fun is that?

Whether you dream of painting like Pollack,
writing like Whitman,
or filming like Fellini
the Creative Oasis Magic Formula works!
If your creative dreams look a bit more like
finishing a special scrapbook,
knitting a sweater or making some mosaics
 - that's cool too.
The formula works for any creative play you desire.

Remember, whether gardening, painting,
cooking, dancingor writing songs, 
your Creative Oasis is 
anything that makes your heart sing and time fly.

What's one small way you can use the
Creative Oasis Magic Formula
this week to enjoy your creative passion?

Here are two more ways to practice using the
 Creative Oasis Magic Formula in your life!
Join me for my
Living the Creative Life Workshop
Saturday, June 8 from 1 to 4:30pm
Pigment School of the Arts

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Thanks for joining me for this Mid-Week Oasis Moment.
Please feel free to share with anyone you think could use a bit of creative inspiration and permission!

Until next time, all the best from my Creative Oasis to yours, 

 Jill Allison Bryan 
Certified Master Kaizen-Muse®Creativity Coach
Founder of Creative Oasis Coaching(TM)