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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Simple First Step to Making Wishes Come True

Do you ever wish summer still felt like it did when you were a kid? Relaxing...carefree...fun?

Seems like these days summer is here and gone before you can say "fresh squeezed lemonade!"

One minute it's Memorial Day...the next it's Labor Day and you realize that once again you failed to realize your dream of eating your own homegrown tomatoes...lounging with a good book in a hammock...or enjoying even one of the hundreds (okay, maybe thousands) of summer recipes or creative projects you've pinned to your Pinterest boards. (Sound familiar?)

I can relate! That's why I created my "Create the Summer of Your Dreams" Do-It-Yourself Creative Oasis Kit Now I have simple, fun ways  to envision and enjoy summers filled with creative delights.  

And the simple first step is (you guessed it) to ask, "What do I wish I could do this summer?"

Click here to grab the FREE "Wish List" Fun Sheets I made to help you take this important (and fun!) first step to creating the summer of your dreams.  

Very soon I'll rerelease my popular "Create the Summer of Your Dreams" Do-It-Yourself Creative Oasis Kit with a simple step-by-step guide to help you envision and enjoy a summer filled with creative delights, relaxation and fun! 

For now, I invite you to take a few brief moments to grab your FREE "Wish List" Fun Sheets and enjoy dreaming up the summer you truly desire before you look up and it's time to start carving jack-o-lanterns. 

All the best from my almost summer Creative Oasis to yours,


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