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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finding Big Joy In The Little Things

This tiny little Buddha brings me big joy several times a day. He hangs around (literally) on the mirror by our back door where I keep my car keys. 

His impish smile and peaceful pose give me an instant happiness boost as I come and go from home. He was the ideal candidate to share on the final day of my #100 Happy Days challenge. 

Click here to see the pinterest board I created to share the fun variety of people, places and things that made me happy over the course of 100 days. You'll notice that I actually posted 103 photos. This is because I'm a creative rebel and math is not my best subject.

In the coming week, what if you stay on the look out for little things that can bring you big creative joy?

For example, yesterday while getting dressed for a trip to the museum with my family I played with putting together new creative combinations of jewelry. 

News flash! Even the simple act of choosing which clothes and jewelry to wear can add creative fun and fulfillment to your day.

If you let yourself think outside the usual creative outlets of things like art, music and crafts what other little ways might you experience creative joy in the coming week?

Light candles for your dinner table? Listen to music and dance while you clean house? Try a new recipe? Set out some shells you've collected on a beach trip in a pretty bowl? What sounds good to you? 

This photo of a bowl filled with some of my favorite beach shells was day 99 of my #100 Happy Days experience. Even looking at the photo now is a little thing that brings me big joy.

Here's to finding big joy in little creative experiences in the coming week!

If you'd like to share a little something that brings you big joy in the comments below that would be lovely! 

Until next time, all the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,


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