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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Asked for Two Cents & Received Gold

photo by Elle Parks
This past weekend I posted a simple request on my Creative Oasis Coaching facebook page asking my former and present clients to share their two cents about Creative Oasis Coaching and what it has meant to them.

"If you've ever taken one of my classes, workshops, retreats, have been coached by me or gone on a Day Trippers outing, can you share one word to describe it? Thanks so much!"

The response was overwhelming, heartwarming and tickling – as in it tickled me pink. I know sometimes people have a little trouble understanding what it is that I do exactly as a creativity coach, a certified Master Kaizen-Muse® Creativity Coach to be precise. And even when I tell them that I help people make the time and space in their busy lives to enjoy creative fulfillment, they may still be left scratching their heads. So I'm thrilled to have this feedback to share. Perhaps it will help round out the picture of what Creative Oasis Coaching has to offer and how it touches the lives of those who choose to join me.

"Jill is an outstanding teacher. More than that.... she is a leader who has this wonderful way of bringing you back to yourself. Whatever it is you are thinking about taking don't hesitate. Sign up. Not only did I get tons of new ideas and information in her class, I also made new friends... kindred spirits. Run, leap, scamper, skurry, charge forward and sign up. You will not regret it. Sorry. I couldn't think of one word.... Ok FUN!!!" - Margaret Wolf, photographer

"nurturing" – Donna Wallace

"You are in for a delightfully insightful and enriching experience to be coached by Jill. Go for it!" – Twyla Smith

"Brain twisting, in the best way!! : ))" Rosemary Cingari

"The first word that came to mind was nourishing, so even though I'm half asleep I'm going with it - Nourishment for the artistic soul :)" - Polly Simon

"life-changing. does a hyphenated word count?" – Dawn McMullan

"Stimulating...motivating...Incredibly fun! (one word won't do!)" – Sherry Houpt

"illuminating... Hope you have an incredibly, stimulating, motivating, fun and illuminating day! ;)" – Linda Bourgault 

So there you have it. I asked for their two cents and got gold instead! I love the words they chose, the sentiments and the women themselves. That's another wonderful bonus of attending Creative Oasis classes and workshops – meeting wonderful, inspiring, talented women like these!

Thanks so much to everyone who shared. I look forward to the next time we're together in the same creative oasis!

If you're interested in checking out the workshops and classes I'm offering in Dallas this fall click here for all the information and registration links. If you'd like to receive my monthly Creative Oasis Pages to keep up with all the creative fun we're having just send me a quick email at creativeoasiscoach@me.com and I'll be happy to bring you into the loop!

Until next time all the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,