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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Have You Seen Katharine Hepburn Skateboard?

Oh how I love this Katharine Hepburn quote! 

It paired nicely with this photo of her skateboarding the first time I saw it. 

This image, not surprisingly, led me down a bit of a google rabbit hole as I looked for other examples of the indomitable Hepburn doing things that clearly pleased her. They were easy to find. 

Hepburn wearing pants at at time most women wore skirts and dresses. 

Hepburn riding a horse.

Hepburn making movies with Spencer Tracey. 

Hepburn playing golf.

Hepburn standing on Cary Grant's shoulders.

Of course, Katharine Hepburn did have a bit of a reputation for being a stubborn and selfish. But, it seems she was more than okay with the trade-off of that reputation for actually living the life she desired. Isn't that why she's such a beloved icon? 

Here's the thing, I believe we do creative self-care a major injustice when we label it (or let others in our lives label it) as selfish! And yet that's what I hear from my clients time and again. 

So many people are vying for their time. They feel selfish when they take time to enjoy their Creative Oasis ~ those creative experiences that energize and delight them.

They need the gentle reminder (just like I do and I'm guessing you do too) that saying yes to ourselves, to the creative experiences that please us, enrich our lives and make us more pleasant human beings, sometimes (make that often) means saying "No" to others. 

Does this thought of saying no to others make you start to hyperventilate just a wee bit? 

If so, this Creative Oasis Challenge is for you! (And I'll join you, I promise!) Practice saying "No" to someone or something that will open up a bit of Creative Oasis time for you this week. Need some examples? 

* No. I can't drive you to the mall right now. I'm practicing my ukulele. 

* No. I won't be able to sit on the committee again this spring. I'm taking a writing class.

* No. I can't meet for coffee today. I'm finally planting my garden. 

Another way you can say "No" to free up Creative Oasis time is to say "No" to yourself. 

* No. I won't check my email and Facebook page every fifteen minutes. 

* No. I won't binge watch "Orange is the New Black" tonight. 

*No. I won't go shop at Target to "pick up a few things." (Funny how that trip to buy the paper towels that are on sale can turn into a cart full of bath beads, summer shirts and a vase you didn't know you needed!)

Here's to practicing saying "No" to the things that keep you from your Creative Oasis and saying "Yes" to giving yourself permission to spend a bit more time with the creative experiences that make your heart sing and time fly! 

You certainly can't please all of the people all of the time. Why not take a cue from Hepburn and spend more time with what pleases you? 

Until next time, all the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,


Jill Allison Bryan


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