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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One-Step Creative Self-Care Solution via Anne Lamott

"Have you tried unplugging it?" 

This is the standard reply you'll hear in my house when faced with an electronic device problem of almost any kind. Unplugging your computer when it freezes up is one of the easiest and most effective methods of solving the issue. 

Why not try this one-step solution for your own creative self-care?

As I enjoy some "unplugged" time in the beautiful mountains of Colorado these delightful (and true!) words from Anne Lamott seem most appropriate to share. 

Here's to giving yourself a break this summer...to unplugging for a day, an hour or even just 10 minutes to "reboot" your creative spirit. 

Here are a few prompts to help you get started: 

* When I visualize myself unplugged I see...

* When I give myself permission to unplug I feel...

* One of my favorite ways to unplug is to...

* Even if I only have 10 minutes to unplug I could...

* I'll give myself permission to unplug at least once this week by...

Find more ways to creatively unplug using my "Create the Summer of Your Dreams Kit" right here

Until next time, all the best from my "unplugged" Creative Oasis to yours,


Jill Allison Bryan

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