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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Creative Oasis Hiatus

Remember when summer meant three solid months of no schedule…staying up late…sleeping in…reading stacks of books…hanging out with friends? Remember when the biggest decision of any given day was choosing which swimsuit you’d wear to the pool? Remember what you had for breakfast? (me either!) Those days are but a fond memory, but I have taken a summer break of sorts.

Though I’m still coaching my fabulous one-on-one clients, my Creative Oasis Day Trippers, group classes and workshops are on a temporary hiatus. Look for them to pick back up this fall with more choices than ever. I’m using the down time to create some new offerings including a fun new e-course created to help couples connect creatively as well as a 6-week class focusing on weaving creativity into the workplace.

But summer can’t be all work and no play, so I’m also sprinkling mine with Instant Oasis Moments – quick and easy, soul-satisfying bite-size bonbons of creative joy! Five or ten minutes spent creating a collage…snapping fun photos with my phone…improvising a quick dinner using fresh veggies and herbs from a friends’ garden. It’s amazing how spending even a small bit of time doing something creatively fulfilling can pump up the happiness factor in your life in a such a big way.

I hope you’re finding lots of little ways to dive into your own Creative Oasis and squeeze the most sweetness out of this summer you can. (Think fresh lemonade with a cherry on top!)

All the best from my summer Creative Oasis to yours,