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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Remarkable Benefits of Embracing Now

Ever find yourself slipping into the "If Only" mantra? 

If only I could get my home perfectly organized, then I'd start that scrapbook project. If only I could magically add an hour to my day, then I'd finish writing my book. If only I could lose ten pounds, then I'd feel more like working out. (Yes - that's the way of "if only" logic – it's not so logical!) If only I could finish all of my work projects, then I'd open that watercolor kit. If only I made more money, then I'd really be happy. Any of this sound remotely familiar?

Most of us have fallen into the trap of "If Only" thinking at some point. When we use "If Only" as our mantra it has the power to shut us down when it comes to making the time and space in our lives for our own Creative Oasis – or as I like to say – for whatever makes our hearts sing and time fly! 

Fortunately for me (and for you!) creativity coaching offers a treasure chest of wonderful tools and techniques that can help us move past "If Only" thinking and tune into, recognize and embrace what is good...what works well..what is amazing and wonderful in our lives right 

It can be as simple as asking yourself positively framed questions such as:

What's working well in my creative life at this moment?

What can I give myself credit for doing today?

What's one small thing that I'm grateful for today?

What's something that I love about my home?

Who is one person who brings light into my life?

By asking ourselves these positively framed questions, we focus our awareness on what's good now in our lives rather than what we think would be good "if only" something else occurred first.

I'm a huge fan of TEDx Talks and recently I found one that now ranks among my top five all-time favorites! If you watch the short video below, you'll see why. 

Shawn Achor uses humor and research to make a compelling case for losing the "If Only" mentality and embracing whatever good we can find in the here and now. Enjoy a few minutes with Shawn and learn the remarkable benefits of embracing now!

Until next time, all the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,

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