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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This Could Be Your Greatest Creative Project

I agree with Mr. Kaye! How about you? 

The way I see it, your life is your greatest creative project of all. 

As Kaye says, life's a big old canvas, so why not leave your own special mark?

And there are so many wonderful ways to do that in addition to using actual paint! 

Your preferred pallet might be a colorful array of fruit, veggies and spices in the kitchen, fresh cut flowers assembled in a bodacious bouquet, living room furniture and knick-knacks rearranged to greet a new season, or accessories and clothes combined in a new way to create a fresh look.

I fell in love with this quote as soon as I saw it and have been a fan of Danny Kaye since my first viewing of White Christmas as a child, so I was delighted when I did a little research and discovered the many different ways he practiced what he preached. 

In addition to being a beloved actor, singer, dancer and comedian, Kaye threw a lot of paint on the canvas of his life in many different ways:

* Conducting ~ He regularly conducted world-renown orchestras though he couldn't read a note of sheet music! (He once used a fly swatter as a baton while conducting Flight of the Bumblebee.)

* Cooking ~ His specialities were Italian and Chinese. He once taught a Chinese cooking class in San Francisco restaurant and even had the theater and demonstration kitchen named after him at The Culinary Institute of America in New York City. 

* Flying ~ Kaye was an aviation enthusiast and owned many different types of planes throughout his life.

* Baseball ~  A lover of the game, he was also part-owner of the Seattle Mariners for a time.

* Golfing ~ He was an avid golfer.

* Philanthropy ~ Kaye was an ambassador for UNICEF for many years as well. 

Clearly Kaye's life was filled with an amazing array of Creative Oasis Moments! 

When we give ourselves permission to color our days with creatively fulfilling experiences that energize and delight us, we create lives truly worth living. 

What's one small, doable way you can throw some paint on the canvas of your life this week? 

Need a little help moving past blocks like procrastination, perfectionism, inner-critic voices and feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list to enjoy more time in your own Creative Oasis? 

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Here's to adding a splash of creative joy to your life, whatever that looks like for you! 

All the best from my Creative Oasis to yours, 


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