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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cheers to Resolution Substitutions!

What if rather than making the usual list of New Year's resolutions we made an "I Get To!" list for 2014? How would they differ? Perhaps instead of telling ourselves we have to lose ten pounds, balance our budget or eat more kale we could shift our focus to things that energize and delight us. 
Here are some of my "I Get To!" possibilities for 2014:

I Get To Ride My Bike More Often

I Get To Learn To Make ZenTangles

I Get To Try New Restaurants

I Get To Host Game Nights

I Get To Find Fun Art Classes To Take

I Get To Read During The Day

I Get To Meet Friends for Lunch More Often

I Get To Make Up Songs With My Niece

I Get To Bake With My Daughter

I Get To Visit More Museums

I Get To Host More Dinner Parties

I Get To Make Music With My Husband 

I Get To Have More Massages

I Get To Write More E-Books

I Get To Plan A Trip To Paris 
(I may not be able to take it this year - but oh what fun the planning will be!)

Any time spent with these wonderful options would find me smack dab in the middle of my Creative Oasis™ – anything that makes my heart sing and time fly! How about you? What if you took the next two minutes and let yourself come up with a quick "I Get To" list for 2014? How might that feel different (better?) than a list of New Year's Resolutions?  

Of course, I know setting some goals for the new year is a good thing. Click here to read my recent article "Kaizen-Muse Goal Toolkit" written and published exclusively for the Business Bohemia Membership of Artella. Click here to sign up for your FREE sample Business Bohemia Adventure from Artella: Technology Trolley, which includes lots of fantastic tools, downloads and creative business inspiration.

Here's to resolution substitutions and the joy and satisfaction they can add to the new year for us all!
All the best from my "I Get To" Oasis to yours,

Jill Allison Bryan