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Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Artist Who Won’t Change Her Spots For Anyone

Tori Webb Pendergrass says that it’s not really a choice, she simply must remain true to her own artistic style. Several years ago, when her mother suggested that Tori try painting pieces that would appeal to a wider audience, rather than attempt to change her personal style, Tori was inspired to create this piece.

“The leopard represents me, comfortable in my own skin, while the different 'outfits' hanging in the painting represent other personas that people might like me to be.” In remaining true to her calling, Tori has built a thriving career around her art.

Tori draws on her personal narratives to create vibrant yet primal pictorial stories infused with magical realism. She has exhibited her works in galleries, colleges and rock ‘n roll clubs around the world.

For Infinite Possibility – A Night of Music, Art & Women Helping Women (the celebration for the release of my solo CD, "Dancing in Limbo" & silent art auction benefiting Women for Women International), Tori painted a piece inspired by my song “RSVP,” which she discusses in the video below.

I find myself inspired not only by Tori’s compelling art, but by her ability to fully inhabit her life as an artist as well. In addition to creating and showing her own fine art, Tori owns and operates Pigment School of the Arts, an art school where she teaches and nurtures creative minds of all ages.

Visit her school at
www.pigmentarts.com and view her personal portfolio at www.urbanimps.com.