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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Creative-Free-Time Treasure Hunt Challenge

 If some easy–breezy, guilt-free creative time sounds good to you, I invite you to accept my 
15-Minute Creative-Free-Time Treasure Hunt Challenge.

How does it work? You simply swap 15 minutes out of your busy schedule for 15 minutes of guilt-free creative free time this week. 

Easier said than done? Maybe this will help...Did you realize you have 10,080 minutes at your disposal each and every week? It’s true! (I was kind of jazzed when I did the math. I mean, just look at all those minutes waiting to be enjoyed!) 

Sure you’ll need lots of those minutes to sleep, shower, eat, wash dishes and the like. You’ll need more to work, chauffer kids, run errands, do laundry and other assorted life “stuff.”

Even so, I invite you to go on a treasure hunt of sorts and come up with just 15 minutes (of those 10,080 minutes) to you give yourself permission to enjoy a 100% guilt-free Creative Oasis experience. (If you already have a nice creative habit going consider this Bonus Creative Free Time!)

Where oh where oh where will you find this fifteen minutes?

Here are a few places you may find hidden pockets of time. 

~ While your morning coffee or tea brews
~ Before, after or instead of Facebook time
~ Rather than laying games like Words with Friends or Candy Crush
~ Swap for online shopping or browsing
~ Instead of watching mindless TV
~ Sleep (I’m all for enjoying a good night’s sleep, but setting your alarm 15 minutes early to enjoy a little Creative Me time can be a great way to start the day!)
~ Grocery shopping (make it a game to try to finish your shopping fifteen minutes faster than you usually do)
~ Waiting in the carpool line
 ~ or better yet…RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE! 

That’s right. You heard me. You’re sitting someplace reading this email, so why not set a timer and use the next 15 minutes to treat yourself to a Creative Oasis moment?

When you find your hidden pockets of time please take a moment to see them for the gems they really are! They're time you get to  choose to spend freely on your creative passions!

Don’t know which Creative Oasis you'd like to visit? Here are a few ideas:

~ Open your journal and enjoy some free form writing
~ Listen to music that you love and haven’t heard in ages
~ Dance
~ Fill an entire page with doodles
~ Pick up your knitting, crocheting or needlework
~ Make a homemade card for someone you love
~ Write a letter to your creative idol (you don’t have to send it)
~ Come up with as many creative ways to use paperclips as you can think of (you can think way outside the box here if you like ~ curtains anyone?)
~ Look through a coffee table, art or other creative book or magazine for inspiration
~ Play an instrument
~ Sing a song
~ Pick up a creative project that’s been gathering dust lately
~ Make up your own yoga routine by stretching and breathing in ways that feel good
~ Make a list of as many creative experiences as possible that you’d like to try
~ Sit and breath (outside if the weather’s nice)

Of course, once you enjoy your 15 minutes of Creative Free Time you may decide you want to find another 15 minutes to play again.

To that I say, go for it! Rinse and repeat! Do it to it! By all means! Be my guest! Excellent! Yay you!

Please share this with your friends and invite them to join us in The 15-Minute Creative-Free-Time Treasure Hunt Challenge.

If you’d like to share your experience please do so in the comments below! I’d love to know the details of your challenge experience. Where did you find hidden pockets of time? What did you swap to make time for your Creative Oasis moments? How did it feel to give yourself permission to really dive in and enjoy your creative time guilt-free?

You may be surprised at how truly rewarding, relaxing and freeing 15 minutes of creative play can be. And 15 minutes of creative fun is way better than no creative fun at all!

Until next time, all the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,


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