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Thursday, July 9, 2009

So, what’s a Mid-Life Oasis™ anyway?

(as featured on MOREmagazine.com)

The idea of a Mid-Life Oasis™ came to me back when deciding what to name my creative lifestyle coaching business. (www.creativeoasiscoaching.com)

I realized that many women around my age (40-somethingish– give or take a few years) were thinking more and more about the term “Mid-Life” and how it applied to them.  More often than not, when we see the words “Mid-life” –the word “crisis” – follows closely behind (like piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe – lovely, right?).  

Yet, as I contemplated my own life, I realized that my experience seemed the opposite of a crisis.  It felt more like an oasis.  I had learned to create time and space in my life for the things that truly matter to me and make me feel good.  I was more comfortable in my own skin than I had ever been in my 20’s.  For me, mid-life meant living the life I really wanted to live, being the real, authentic me and making time, even in my busy day-to-day life, for deep, personal satisfaction in mind, body and spirit.   So, how did I manage to find this Mid-Life Oasis ™?

Several years ago, I felt stuck, overwhelmed and a little bitchy a lot of the time.  I began working with a creativity coach, the amazing Jill Badonsky (www.themuseisin.com).  With the help of a supportive,compassionate coach, I began to make time for my love of singing and songwriting again after years away from it.  It opened the window to a creative new way of living a fulfilling life.  And, most surprisingly, it introduced me to my wonderful mid-life career change into a creative lifestyle coach.  Now I have the satisfying role of helping other women discover their own oasis.

I've done a bit of blogging in the past, but recently, while working with my fantastic business coach, Jennifer Moore (www.pinkheels.com) - I've decided to devote more time and energy to it.  (As you can see, I think personal coaches are wonderful and if I were queen everyone would have at least one to help them live their best possible life!)

I believe we can all use some inspiration and encouragement when it comes to creating an oasis in our lives – and that’s what I promise to provide here.  Please feel free to drop me a line and tell me about your mid-life experiences - whether you’re just now beginning to discover your oasis – or you've been happily doing so for some time. When we treat life as our greatest creative expression, we transform our day-to-day existence into a joyful adventure – rich, fulfilling and fun!  I hope you’ll join me. 

All the best from my oasis to yours,