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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Want to Be In Love With Your Life? 10 Quick Questions to Help

Want to be in love with your life?

Specifically, do you want to be in love with your creative life? (Or as I like to call it, your Creative Oasis.)

You know those creative experiences that fill you up with happiness? Anything from gardening to yoga to painting to writing to making music to art journaling to traveling to visiting museums to cooking to photography...all of the creative experience that makes your heart sing and time fly!

Today I'm sharing 10 quick questions to help shift your focus to what's working well and what could use a little help in your creative life. (You know how I love questions! Asking them tends to lead us straight to the good stuff!)

Doesn't it make sense that the more time you spend having creative experiences you love the more you will love your life? (Jack was onto something! Woot!)

To join me, set a timer for 5-minutes and quickly write your answers in your journal or on a sheet of paper.

Either way, please try writing them down somewhere. There's something powerful in the act of writing your thoughts on paper rather than just thinking them in your mind.

Ready? Here we go...

#1 ~ Are you in love with your creative life? 

#2 ~ If yes...what do you love about it? (If no...skip down to question #6.)

#3 ~ What's one simple way you can expand what's working well to enjoy it in a new and different way? 

#4 ~ What's another creative experience you've been dreaming of that you haven't yet tried? What's one small step you could take toward making that happen next?

#5 ~ What if you take a moment right now to enjoy a nice deep breath of gratitude for your wonderful creative life?  (Yay! Gratitude works like fertilizer to feed the flowers of our creative spirit and keep it growing strong! Please proceed to question #10.)

#6 ~ If no...what's worked well in the past? What's one small way you could revisit that?

#7 ~ What's one new thing you'd like to experience that you've never tried before? What's one small, doable step you could take to help make that happen?

#8 ~ If you're feeling stuck coming up with answers for 6 and 7, where might you find help? 

#9 ~ What's one way you can show some compassion and be kind to yourself around this? (*Hint: see question #10.)

#10 ~ How can you spend the next 5 to 10 minutes in a way that feeds your creative spirit and energizes and delights you?* 

(*Ideas: doodle, color, take a few photos with your phone, write a haiku, play a song on the piano or guitar, make a meal using as many colors as possible, take a walk around the block and look for pink things, write your creative self a letter telling her all the things you wish for her!) 

Questions are creative lighter fluid! Here's hoping that by pondering these questions you'll spark your creative curiosity and passion today and move one or two steps closer to being in love with your creative life!

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Until next time, all the best from my "I Love It!" Creative Oasis to yours,


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