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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Making Time for My Creative Self Led to Meeting a World-Renowned Artist

photo from TIME Style & Design

 When I read the article “The Noisemaker” by  Richard Lacayo (Spring 2012 Time Style & Design issue) I fell in love with the artist Nick Cave. I was instantly enchanted by his sound suits…the way they look…the way they sound…imagining the way they must feel. I was inspired by the way his world-view informs his art. I was intrigued by the way he incorporates sculpture, sound, and dance into his performances pieces. And I was thrilled to learn that Cave’s latest work, Heard, would be performed both at the University of North Texas (my alma mater) and the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Though I was unable to make it to Denton for the UNT performance during the week, I held out hope that I would still be able to make the Sunday performance at the Nasher. There was a lot going on that weekend…work, my daughter’s dance photos, obligations, and more excuses…excuses…excuses… Yet, something kept pulling me towards this experience. I wrote it on my calendar in red ink. When the day finally came, I felt compelled to make it happen and get myself down to the Nasher.

I felt guilty about not being able to take my daughter or husband. I felt guilty for not scheduling this as a Creative Oasis Day Trippers event. I felt guilty for taking an hour out of our precious weekend time to do something just for me, but I still went. (all these years of coaching and being coached has paid off!)

Portrait of Nick Cave by Xenobia Bailey 
When I first arrived, I noticed the street directly in front of the Nasher had been blocked off. I approached a cameraman to see if he could suggest the best vantage point for watching the action. He told me I was standing in the best spot – so I stayed put.

photo from huffingtonpost.com
As the crowd began to grow, and the employees of the Nasher parted the sea of people to make room for the 60 people dressed in the 30 spectacular sound suits. They looked like magical horses made of shining, shimmering raffia. Then I spotted Nick Cave across the sidewalk. As the drum-line kicked in and the dancers made their way into the street he moved closer and closer until before I knew it, he was standing right next to me! The feeling flowing through the crowds was positively electric! I couldn’t believe I was standing beside the person who had conceptualized and brought this piece to life. (with the help of many talented UNT students, professors and the Nasher Sculpture Center)

Me trying to sneak a shot with Nick
At first I tried to snag a photo of Nick by shooting one of myself with him in the background, but after we actually exchanged a few words about the performance, I just went ahead and blurted out, “It’s incredibly serendipitous that I am standing here next to you. Would you mind if I take our picture together?” To which he immediately and graciously accepted as you can see below.

Ask and you shall receive – Me & Nick Cave! 
I took this as a very handsome, talented sign, that I was absolutely justified in carving out an hour of a very busy weekend (when are our weekends or weekdays not busy I ask you?) to feed my creative spirit with this amazing experience and to be immersed in a sea of people who also believed that making time to experience art so visually stunning and emotionally stirring was important and joyful and certainly a worth every moment.

 How will you feed your creative spirit today? It doesn’t need to take an hour. Maybe it’s just watching a few minutes of the video above and enjoying a bit of the magic I experienced with Nick Cave. (You might even be able to hear me ask him - does this make you happy and his resounding "YES!" If you can't watch the whole thing I suggest fast forwarding to the point where the horses split into two and keep dancing – so cool!) Feed your creative spirit and it will bring you and the people in your life joy a hundredfold!