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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gifts From the Sea, Van Gogh & Me

I'm so happy to share a few gifts from my trip to the sea paired with 
blessings to inspire your creative journey this week! 

May you find inspiration in the beauty of nature!

The beach is one of my favorite Creative Oasis Places. Walking along the shoreline never fails to reenergize and inspire me. 

To create the Mid-Week Oasis Moment above I took a photo of the beach then gave it the "Van Gogh" treatment using a fun app called "AutoPainter" and added a quote from Vincent himself that I just love. 

May you continue to grow and find strength from your creativity!

The sun came out for our final morning beach walk and we encountered all sorts of treasures. I found this beautiful, blue-grey nautilus shell (a symbol of growth & strength) my lone souvenir of our trip ~ well, other than a few new laugh lines. 

photo by Ashley Thames Brown

May your creative spirit take flight like a feather on the wind! 

My friend, Ashley, found this white feather along with some lovely bits of sea glass. She left other pieces to continue tumbling in the surf and sand to smooth their sharp edges and become treasures for future beach combers.

And finally, may you find many opportunities to "flock together" with kindred "birds of a feather" on your creative journey! 

Non-stop laughter that makes your cheeks hurt and your sides ache in the best possible way...
Heartfelt conversations where you know you're truly heard and understood...
Unconditional love that reminds you you're not alone on this crazy ride called life...
All that and more filled a brief beach getaway with a few fabulous girlfriends and proved to be just what my spirit needed last weekend! 

Until next time, all the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,


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