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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shine a Light on Your Sunflower Power!

Want to tap into a feeling of more freedom and ease this summer? Why not take a cue from the sunflower and reach toward the light? When things on your to-do list start to feel overwhelming, difficult or unappealing try lightening them up by asking yourself these questions: 

* What's one small way I can make this easier?

* What's one small way I can make this more fun?

* What's one small way I can make this more doable? 

* What's one small way I can reward myself when I've finished?

It's simply amazing how asking ourselves these simple questions can help shift our perspective and shine a light on a whole new way of looking at situations and responsibilities that have us feeling bummed out, bogged down or blue.  

If you like, click here for your free Sunflower Power Reminders printable. You can post it on your desk, tape it to your fridge, keep a copy in your car, or add one to your day planner  to help you remember you have the power to lighten things up. All you have to do is ask!

Click here for free printable – Sunflower Power Reminders
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Until next time, here's to tapping into our own sunflower power and reaching toward the light!


Jill Allison Bryan