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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 Reasons I'm Thrilled About This New Book About Creativity

#1 – The Muse Is In: An Owner's Manual to Your Creativity is the third book to grace our planet by the out-of-this-world imagination of Jill Badonsky. (my mentor, friend, creativity coach, founder of Kaizen-Muse® Creativity Coaching and author) Her previous books include the life-transforming The Nine Modern Day Muses and a Body Guard and The Awe-manac - A Daily Dose of Wonder – essential reading for any creative type out there - but especially ones who need a reminder that creativity is important, who are plagued by inner critic voices in their heads, who are prone to procrastination or perfectionism or...wait a minute...that's 99% of creative types, isn't it? These books were written for us!

#2 – It's a user friendly owner's manual for your creativity! Like The Awe-manac, The Muse Is In is a book you don't have need to read from front to back. You can pick it up on any day of the year and digest a few creative nuggets of inspiration and encouragement. It's filled with interesting tidbits, thought-provoking quotes and fun creative prompts to set you on your way to enjoy your own creative process.

#3 – On the December 16th page (which happens to be my birthday), you'll find a quote about creativity there by yours truly, Jill Allison Bryan. How cool is that?

#4 – On the Thank You page, Jill was kind enough to include me and my fellow Master Kaizen-Muse® Creativity Coaches as well as lots of other really cool and special people who I am honored, surprised and tickled pink to be grouped with.

#5 – Next week, January 23rd, Jill has agreed to stop by here and share some tidbits about her fabulous new release - The Muse Is In: An Owner's Manual to Your Creativity. If ten or more of you leave your comments and questions for her here on my Creative Oasis blog, we'll do a drawing and one of you will win a copy of her new book. (she's cool that way)

I'm off to dive into the pages of what I can safely say is the only owner's manual in my life that I've ever actually looked forward to reading!

Hope to see you back here next week - January 23rd as Jill Badonsky's blog tour stops in for a visit.

Til then, all the best from my creative oasis to yours,

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As the new year begins, Creative Oasis Coaching offers more ways than ever for you to learn and practice easy, effective ways to enjoy a creatively fulfilling life! These classes and workshops help you make the time and space for your creative passions – whatever they may be – even with your busy schedule!  They're also a great way to meet other interesting creative loving types who find it challenging to get to their creative interests as often as they'd like. (Sound familiar? You're not alone!)

Pre-registration is required for all classes and workshops. Space is limited to 8 people per session, so please register to reserve your space as soon as possible.

Sunday, January 27, 2013
10am – 3pm
$85 for CAC members
$115 for non-members
plus $10 materials fee 
(Please bring a sack lunch.)

Do you have a closet full of creative projects you haven't touched in ages? Do you long for the time to dive into creative endeavors – painting, writing, gardening, scrapbooking, dancing, singing –  in short, whatever energizes and delight you while adding joy to your life? This mini-retreat, set amongst the inspiring classrooms of the Creative Arts Center of Dallas, is another great introduction to Creative Oasis Coaching and share great ways for you to get back on track with your creative passions!

2360 Laughlin Dr.
Dallas, TX 75228

For more info or to register, please contact the Creative Arts Center by calling 214-320-1275 or visiting their website at http://www.creativeartscenter.org.

Saturday, February 2, 2013
1:00 – 4:30pm
(includes creative supplies and handouts)

A great introduction to Creative Oasis Coaching. We'll explore fun and effective ways to make more time for creativity in your life. Writing, photography, cooking, painting, singing, gardening, scrap-booking…whatever your heart longs to do, you’ll be introduced to unique tools and techniques to help you easily enjoy the creative satisfaction you desire. 

4605 West Lovers Lane
Dallas, TX  75209

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6-week course dedicated to weaving creativity into your busy life          

Thursdays – February 21 through April 4, 2013 (no class March 28th)
6:30 to 8pm
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A more detailed exploration of and opportunity to practice creativity coaching methods designed to help you to experience more creative satisfaction. No matter what your interest – blogging, photography, cooking, writing, collage, watercolor, needlework, gardening ­– whatever creative expression you love, you’ll learn and practice innovative tools and techniques to help you enjoy the creative fulfillment you crave. 

9440 Garland Rd., # 138
Dallas, TX  75218

For more info or to register, please email creativeoasiscoach@me.com

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All the best from my creative oasis to yours,

Jill Allison Bryan
Founder of Creative Oasis Coaching
Certified Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach