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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Joni Mitchell on Creative Freedom

I recently read "Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words" by Malka Marom. The quote above lived on the back cover. I must have re-read those words a dozen times while the book held its "number one" status atop a pile of books on my nightstand. 

Her quote left me equal parts inspired and frustrated. 

The phrase "luxury of being able to follow the path of the heart" frustrated me because I could just hear people saying, "Oh sure, Joni Mitchell has the luxury of being able to follow her heart. She's a rock star!" 

Well it wasn't always so easy for her. In her youth when polio kept her in a hospital bed for months and she was told she would never walk again, Mitchell secretly rose each night to pull herself along the side railings to regain her strength. She was released when she shocked the doctors by showing them she was able to walk on her own. She then went on to become a dancer, painter and legendary singer/songwriter. 

Hers is a beautiful and literal example of using small steps to follow the path of the heart.

The truth is we all have the luxury of following our hearts. 

Sometimes it feels so much easier to blame our circumstances or other people or lack or funds or lack of time or (insert your favorite rationalization/excuse here) than to claim our creative freedom and engage in the creative experiences that make us feel alive! 

You may be thinking, "But Jill, it's true! I really don't have the time, money, energy, supplies (insert your favorite rationalization/excuse here) to enjoy these Creative Oasis Moments you're always going on about." 

What if you allow yourself to start right now, right where you are? 

In the most gentle, compassionate way possible I invite you to ask yourself these three small questions. I believe they'll help you open the window to let in that fresh breeze of creative freedom that makes you feel alive. 

#1 ~ What do I have in my possession right now that I can use to create? An especially great question if you tell yourself you need to buy things before you can begin enjoying your own Creative Oasis. How would it feel to challenge yourself to use some old creative supplies that sit waiting untouched in your closet or to start writing in one of those half-empty journals on your shelf? 

#2 ~ What's one way I spend time each week that I might trade for some Creative Oasis time? Perhaps you can swap 15 minutes of checking Facebook or Pinterest, watching mindless TV or reading your junk mail and sales emails as if they warranted your attention. (They don't!) (Check out my recent Creative-Free-Time-Treasure-Hunt Challenge post here if you missed it.)

#3 ~ What time of day do I have the most energy/time? What if I give myself 15 minutes of that part of the day to explore my Creative Oasis? If you usually feel zapped at the end of the day why not give yourself permission to enjoy some creative play in the morning or during lunchtime? What if this weekend you enjoy some creative play first and then tackle your chores. (They'll still be there waiting for you ~ I promise!)

Here's to believing your freedom to create is a necessity rather than a luxury! 

Does that feel a bit out of reach just now? 

Then can you practice believing it just 5% more? It's wonderful small step toward slowly and surely giving yourself more permission to enjoy the creative expression that makes you feel truly alive. (*Life's too short to make your Creative Oasis wait!)

All the best from my Creative Oasis to yours, 


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