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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Free teleclass - Wednesday, June 9th 11am central

"Create the Summer of Your Dreams"

A Free Teleclass with Jill Allison Bryan
Wednesday, June 9th at 11am central

Summer is upon us. What do you want yours to look like? Have you given it any thought? So often we dive right into the season with little or no plan only to look up and find that - yikes! - it’s already July 4th and we haven’t even peeled a single peach or read a good book yet!

Whether you crave lazy days in the sun, a balance of work and leisure or ideas to jump-start a creative project or two – I’ll share some easy, yet effective ways to help you design your ideal summer and then make it happen. Join me Wednesday, June 9th at 11am central time to learn a few simple techniques from my Creative Oasis Coaching that can help you create the summer of your dreams while feeling truly relaxed and fulfilled

Whether it's visiting your local farmer's market, making homemade lemonade, dusting off your bicycle or finally unwrapping the sketch pad you bought last summer - together we can turn your summer into one filled with moments of joy and memories of a lifetime.

Join me for this special free one hour teleclass and if you like you can keep your momentum going with a paid 6-week follow-up series. These one hour sessions will provide support, inspiration and gentle group accountability while helping you make the most of your perfect summer plan. Only $75 for the entire 6 week series. For registration & information contact Jill at creativeoasiscoach@me.com.

All the best from my creative oasis to yours, Jill