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Monday, February 7, 2011

Got a Good Reason…For You to Join Creative Oasis Day Trippers™

Do you tell yourself time after time that you’ll visit this museum or that gallery to check out an exhibit only to learn that the show closed two days ago? Do you hear about cool cultural happenings friends have attended and wish that you’d gone? Do you bookmark sites or cut ads out of the paper for interesting speakers, performances or workshops yet never actually make plans, buy tickets or attend them?

ME TOO! And the more I talk to friends and clients, the more I realize we’re not alone. So many of us agree that there’s an absolute cornucopia of fascinating, educational and inspiring things to do in and around the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex – and yet, with our busy lives and booked-up schedules – most of us simply don’t get around to experiencing them as often as we’d like.

That’s how the idea for Creative Oasis Day Trippers™ was born. Each month I offer an opportunity that will galvanize we intrepid creative lovers to get out there in a group and see what we’ve been missing!

Plus, as a certified creativity coach, I’ll enrich these experiences further by providing unique creative prompts before our trips, creative process during our trips and further reflection for possible creation after our trips. Can you imagine the joy and satisfaction of embarking on innovative fieldtrips with like-minded creativity–loving types?

Just browsing through the weekend guide section, the Art and Seek website or facebook events offers dozens of opportunities each and every week worthy of our investigation. Speakers, music, films, galleries, wine tastings, cheese-pairings, sketching at the Dallas Museum of Art,  exhibits at the Kimbell Museum, trips to the Dallas Arboretum, shows at Photographs Do Not Bend, performance art at the MAC
cooking classes at Central Market, yoga studios special events, unique restaurants, independent theater productions…the list goes on and on and changes with each passing day.

I send out an invitation to one or two Creative Oasis Day Trippers™ event per month. Here's how to join me:

#1 – Sign up to receive your Creative Oasis Day Tripper™ invitation each month. 

#2 – RSVP and pay the $15 fee by check or paypal by the deadline. (*Participants will also be responsible for their own entry fees or tickets needed for the trip.)

#3 – You’ll receive an e-mail creative prompt a few days before our trip. These will be specifically tailored to our event of the month with small questions and suggestions to dive a bit deeper into the experience.

#4 – We’ll meet at an appointed place and time for our Creative Oasis Day Trip™ of the month. In addition to the event, we’ll enjoy some sort of easy and fun creative process to enhance our experience.

#5 – You’ll receive an e-mail follow-up a day or so after our trip to recap any epiphanies we may have experienced and explore other possible ideas for creative fulfillment until our next meeting.

I can think of so many of good reasons why you should join Creative Oasis Day Trippers™ and here are just a few:

·    You’ll actually get out there and experience more of the creatively stimulating offerings in our area.

·    You’ll meet other interesting people like yourself who understand the importance of the creative process in living a satisfying life.

·    You’ll enjoy the benefits of a program run by a certified Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach which can help you make the time and space for your own creative process on a more regular basis.

·     I am so excited about creating and leading this group! 

Are you ready to join me? Sign up to receive information about current Creative Oasis Day Trippers™and other Creative Oasis offerings here: http://www.creativeoasiscoaching.com/newsletter.html

(*One final note - a big thanks to my husband for designing the Creative Oasis Day Trippers logo just the way I had envisioned it in my mind! Now we're ready to roll!)