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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Video Invite for Fall 2014 Creative Oasis Class and Workshops

(Click above to watch my invitation to join Fall 2014 Creative Oasis Classes & Workshops.)

I have no doubt that you are busy, busy, busy!
I'm willing to bet that you have a to-do list a mile long.
I'm guessing dozens of people from family members to co-workers to friends demand your time and attention on a daily basis.

Am I right in assuming that you wish you had more time for yourself? 
More time for fun, interesting creative endeavors and experiences?
Here's the thing...time does fly! Quickly!

I just had a baby girl yesterday who started her freshmen year in high school this week! That's how quickly time flies. (Still doing my best to wrap my head around that one!)

So, if it feels difficult to take time for yourself, 
for enjoying creative pursuits for the pure fun of it, 
for trying new creative endeavors 
or simply exploring the possibilities just to see what's out there
why not take a moment to step back and ponder the sentiment below?

If a little voice in the back of your mind says 
"that sounds so good, but I can't because... (insert your excuse of choice here!)" I really hope you'll check out my 
and register for at least one that sounds good to you.
(Choose from in-person workshops and classes in Dallas and a teleclass & coaching via phone.) 

Because at the end of the day (and more importantly at the end of our lives) we'll remember the joyful experiences that make our hearts sing and time fly...not the millions of tasks we efficiently check off our to-do lists. 

I can pretty much guarantee that no one will starve and no major catastrophe will befall your household while you take a few hours for yourself to enjoy some fun, low-pressure creative play with me! (Click here to see all of your class options here.)

In fact, what the wonderful women (and men) who work and play with me prove time and again is when they give themselves permission to explore their Creative Oasis, they end up happier, healthier and even nicer in all areas of their lives. 
(Something all those people vying for your time and attention are sure to appreciate.)

Don't know what your Creative Oasis is? I can help you discover yours.

Know exactly what you want to do but feel stuck by procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm? 
I'll share ways to move past those very common blocks (you're not alone!) and into a place where creative fun and fulfillment become a part of your life you enjoy on a regular basis. Like flossing, but way more fun.

Have questions about which class or workshop or coaching package might be the best fit for you? Drop me a line atcreativeoasiscoach@me.com and I'll get back to you asap to discuss!