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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Are You Making Enough Messes?

The marvelous mess above was created by the wonderful women in my Creating Time for Your Creative Oasis class last week.

The pigment splatters on the paint trays (recycled deviled egg trays from Whole Foods), the wadded up paper towels, the jars filled with colored pens, the torn paper scraps and scribbled notes blend to together to create a beautiful messy reminder:

“No chaos, no creation.”

Isn’t that what stops us from diving into our creative passions much of the time? Fear of making a mess?  Fear of adding chaos to our perfectly scheduled lives?

And yet, how many delightful creative moments are experienced without a little mess or chaos of some kind?

Case in point: my daughter’s earlier attempts at baking. (Come to think of it, her current attempts are none too neat, but that’s not the point, is it?)

The point is that usually
A Little Mess + A Little Creativity = A Lot of Fun
and sometimes a batch of tasty muffins in the bargain!

How might you make a little mess or create a little chaos today in the name of saying yes to your own creative joy? Don’t know where to begin?

* When’s the last time you experienced the joys of finger painting? There’s a reason kids love to finger paint – it’s all kinds of crazy fun! Bonus – when you complete your masterpiece you can hang it up on the fridge just like your mom used to do. (If that never happened when you were a child – all the more reason to do it for yourself – you’re the boss now. Woot!)

* What if you whip up a new dish for dinner tonight using whatever you have on hand in the fridge and pantry. Try to make it as colorful as possible and for bonus fun talk like Julia Child while you prepare it!

* Ever heard of a Chaos Garden? I recently read about this concept and just love it! You just toss random seeds out and plant them where they fall. Imagine how surprising and delightful it will be when random flowers and plants begin to pop up!

* Have some of random fabric lying around? Why not create a crazy quilt? You can use any material you like, cut into any shapes you like, using any stitches you like! Doesn’t that sound fun? (Want to lower the pressure even more – why not start with a crazy napkin – much smaller than a quilt!)

Here’s to making messes, embracing chaos and nourishing our creative spirits in the process!

Until next time, all the best from my messy Creative Oasis to yours,

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