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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tapping Into Your Inner Peacock

photo by Jill Allison Bryan taken at Kalachandji's in Dallas

Imagine a world where peacocks tried to hide their magnificent colors away because they worried they might be presumed too bold or showy...or because they were afraid they weren't just the right shade of blue, green or purple...or because they thought all the other birds were so much more beautiful than them so why even bother?

Sounds downright unnatural, doesn't it? That's because it is! Peacocks were born to proudly parade their brilliant feathers in all their glory.

Now if you happen to be one of the many people who try to hide your own magnificent creative colors because you're worried that you might be seen as "showing off" or because your afraid your own personal creative process "isn't good enough" or because you think everyone else's creative endeavors are so much better than yours "why should you even bother?" I'm here to tell you that line of thinking is just as unnatural as a peacock trying to hide its brilliance.

I truly believe that you and I are born to share our creative light with the world in a multitude of ways whether it be painting, writing, crafting, gardening, dancing, making music, taking photos, hosting dinner parties, decorating, acting, scrapbooking, knitting...the list goes on and on. As I love to say, your Creative Oasis is whatever makes your heart sing and time fly!

What's one small way you might tap into your 
inner peacock and share your creative colors with the world today?

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Until next time, all the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,

Jill Allison Byan
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