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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Which Creative Oasis Places Inspire You?

I snapped this photo on one of my glorious, solo sunrise beach walks during our vacation last week. Just looking at it now I'm compelled to take a deep breath and relax a bit. (If you just took a deep breath  and relaxed a bit too – yay!)

I am a beach lovin' gal…no doubt about it. I can honestly say that break-of-day beach walks are one of my absolute favorite pleasures in life. 

Perhaps one reason they're so special is the fact that I don't actually live at the beach so that heavenly feeling of my toes sinking into cool soft sand usually only happens once or twice a year at best. (Much more frequently in my dreams though.) 

A week of early morning beach walks can energize me for months! The same can be said of my early morning runs by the river in Colorado. There are just certain spots on this planet (my Oasis Places) that always re-energize, delight me and set my spirit free. I believe with all my heart that time spent enjoying them is time well spent!

Though my beach and mountain times are fewer and farther between than I might like, I'm blessed to live a short ten minute walk from a lovely little lake here in East Dallas. My sunup walks and runs always contain a dash of vacation feel and a nice a way to enjoy a boost of Oasis Places energy.

Even though we can't live our lives in permanent vacation mode, we can tap into the rejuvenating feeling right in our own home anytime we like!

What's one small way you might spend a little time enjoying some Oasis Places Energy today? 

*Perusing through some favorite vacation photos? 

*Five minutes googling places for a "dream" trip you'd hope to take someday? 

*Creating a quick collage using images from magazines that give you that special vacation feeling? 

If you feel guilty about spending time in your Creative Oasis Places, why not practice using the mantra above as a gentle reminder? 

"Time spent in places that set your spirit free is time well spent."

How about you? Where are your favorite Oasis Places at home and abroad? Where have you traveled again and again? Where do you dream of visiting someday? I'd love to hear - if you'd like to - share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until next time, all the best from my favorite Creative Oasis Places to yours,


P.S. – You'll find easy and fun ways to tap into the creative pleasures of your favorite summer oasis places using my Create the Summer of Your Dreams Do-It-Yourself Kit.