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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Your Dream Summer Starts Today!

Today's the day! 

The "Create the Summer of Your Dreams" Do-It-Yourself Creative Oasis Kit is ready and waiting for you. 

Grab yours here and take the first small step to creating and savoring a summer filled with the relaxing moments and creative experiences you crave. 

Remember the carefree summers of your childhood? The freedom? The pure joy?

Well, even though you're all grown up now (and busier than ever) you can still tap into those fabulous feelings and energize your summer with them.

And it will be easy and fun when you use this simple, step-by-step kit I created to help you. Check out everything that's included right here.

BONUS ALERT ~ Purchase "Create the Summer of Your Dreams" during the first week of its release (by midnight (CST) Tuesday, June 9, 2015) and you'll be invited to a free "Let's Get Started Q & A Call" on June 11th. (If you picked up your copy last summer, you're invited to join us too!)

I know it can sometimes be a challenge to get started on your own, even when it's something you really want to do, so during our call we'll dive into the kit together and begin. I'll help you take the first small steps to creating the summer of your dreams right then and there. (And no worries in you're unable to join us live, the call will be recorded for everyone who has registered.)

Still not sure if "Create the Summer of Your Dreams" is right for you? Visit this page for more details and your chance to get in on the free "Let's Get Started Q & A Call" on June 11th. 

I'm so excited to walk you step-by-step through the special prompts and experiences I created to help you envision and enjoy the summer of your dreams. Click here and your dream summer starts today! 

If you missed the chance to get download your FREE Create the Summer of Your Dreams Wish Lists, grab yours here.

All the best from my "Dream Summer" Creative Oasis to yours,


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