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Friday, May 29, 2015

Want More "Me Time" This Summer?

Memorial Day has already come and gone. Before you know it Halloween decorations will be showing up in stores. (That's true and truly scary!)

Remember the feeling of freedom the last day of school brought when you were a kid? Knowing there were weeks and weeks waiting before you with the tantalizing prospect of no homework, lazy mornings sleeping in, watching cartoons in your pajamas, reading book after book, hanging out at the pool, summer camp, road trips, picnics and more?

Those days may be gone, but you'd still like to savor summer moments and feel that sense of freedom and fun. But how when you're so busy and time flies by so quickly?

If you're anything like me you'd love to experience at least a handful of quintessential summer moments...lounging outside lost in a good book...sipping from a pitcher of homemade lemonade...diving into one of the hundreds (okay, maybe thousands) of summer recipes and creative projects you have pinned to your Pinterest boards.

Well, you're in luck!

I know just how you feel. That's why I created the "Create the Summer of Your Dreams" Do-It-Yourself Creative Oasis Kit ~ a simple step-by-step plan to envision and enjoy summers filled with creative delights, relaxation and fun. (That means more "Me Time" for you this summer!)

You don't have to wait much longer. The kit will be released for the summer of 2015 next Tuesday, June 2. (Wait ~ That means it's here! Woot! Click here to check it out.)

BONUS ALERT ~ If you purchase "Create the Summer of Your Dreams" during the first week of its release (by Tuesday, June 9th, 2015) you'll be invited to a free "Let's Get Started Q & A Call" on June 11th. (If you picked up your copy last summer, you're invited to join us too!)

I know it can be a challenge to get started on your own, even if it's something you're really looking forward to, so during our call we'll dive into the kit together. I'll help you take the first small steps to creating the summer of your dreams right then and there. (And no worries in you're unable to join us live, the call will be recorded for everyone who has registered.)

If you missed the chance to get download your FREE Create the Summer of Your Dreams Wish Lists, grab yours here.

Until next time, all the best from my "it's almost summer" Creative Oasis to your,


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