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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Creating with Love for Gifts from the Heart

My dear sweet Aunt Suzy made this beautiful ornament for my birthday. In addition to being gorgeous and handcrafted using the pages of an old hymnal, this extraordinary present holds the greatest gift of all –  love. In fact, each and every fold (and there are dozens, if not hundreds of them) was made with a special prayer for me by my aunt. Wow! Amazing, isn't it? 

This unique gift is called a prayer ball and as you can see it must have taken quite a bit of time to create. The fact that my aunt shared her love for me in this special creative way fills my heart with joy and gratitude. She couldn't have given me anything in the world more precious and I will cherish this as a family heirloom always. 

As if I weren't blessed enough by my aunt's thoughtfulness, I next received this large paper snowflake made my my daughter, Riley Anna. In addition to being a pretty paper sculpture, she took the time to write things that she loves about me around the edges. Again, there's nothing in the world she could have purchased at a store that would even come close to how precious this gift is to me. 

These thoughtful presents have me thinking – how might we infuse our holiday gift giving with a little more love this year? What might that look like? And though I'm doubtful I have the skill (or patience) required to create something as beautiful as this prayer ball or snowflake, I can think of several ways I might sprinkle my holiday gifts and messages with a hearty dose of love.

#1 – Send a positive thought, love and light with each fold I make or piece of tape I use as I wrap gifts.

#2 – Take a moment to truly wish the recipients of each card I send a healthy, happy New Year and actually visualize their smiling faces as I do.

#3 – Do the same thing with each Christmas card I receive. 

#4 – Add a dash of love to each and every holiday goodie I make. (My sweet daughter has claimed for years that she can taste it when I add love to my recipes!)

#5 – Dedicate my morning run or walk to someone special. They don't even need to know about it. I think it's enough to hold them in my (rapidly) beating heart as I enjoy my morning jaunts around the lake.

What do you think? How might you add a dash of love to your holidays? Whether it's making homemade gifts, goodies and cards or simply taking a moment to send extra love and well wishes with each present or message your share, creating with love means gifts from the heart for the special people in your life.

All the best from my blessed and joy-filled oasis to yours,

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