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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yay! My Video for Michael's CR8TIME Campaign is up!

CR8TIME™ page on Michael's website

If you're familiar with Creative Oasis Coaching™ then you know that helping people make the time and space for creative fulfillment in their busy lives is my passion. So imagine how thrilled I am to be part of the new CR8TIME™ movement, sponsored by creative companies like Michael's, Jo Ann's Fabric & Craft Stores and more.  

CR8TIME™ aims to help people find ways to explore and express their creativity no matter how busy their schedules. You can learn all about the CR8TIME™ movement by visiting their website at www.CRE8TIME.org. On Michael's website, you'll also find a CR8TIME™ page under their LookBook section that features a series of "Why I Create" videos. You can watch the video featuring me and some of my beautiful clients below. 

This video is a wonderful representation of my Creative Oasis™ classes and workshops and I have to thank all of the people who made it possible. The video was shot and edited by Sandy Abernethy and produced by Amy Lou Abernethy of Abernethy Media Professionals. The class was held in the beautiful, inspiring setting of Pigment School of the Arts run by Tori Pendergrass and a place that I am always delighted to share workshops. The lovely class members (have you ever seen such gorgeous smiles?) are all women who attend Creative Oasis™ events and never cease to inspire me every time we're together! 

I think this video does a great job of explaining what it is I do as a creativity coach, and I am so grateful to be able to finally share it with the world. I'd love to know what you think about it so please feel free to leave me a message below if you like and be sure to share it with any friends you think would enjoy it. 

This spring there's a lot happening with Creative Oasis™.  If you're interested in upcoming classes and workshops visit http://www.creativeoasiscoaching.com/classesandworkshops.html. Be sure to sign up for my Creative Oasis Pages™ newsletter here to learn about upcoming teleclasses, workshops, my new line of ebooks and Creative Oasis Day Trippers outings. 

Until next time, all the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,


Diane said...

JILL! That is a fabulous video! Very well done. You really captured what it is that you do, especially for me. The Abernethy's are also true professionals.

Silky Hart said...

Jill, this is fantastic -- so inspiring and such a high quality video. YAY!!! xoxo

Debbie said...

Jill, I love the video! All involved did such a fabulous job! It touched my heart! So true that the creativity coaching I have experienced with you has been life changing! So glad that you found another way to spread the word and give more folks the opportunity to benefit from your coaching skills and live life more balanced and fulfilled.

(creativeoasiscoach) said...

Thanks for adding your beautiful smile and spirit to it Diane!

(creativeoasiscoach) said...

Thanks, Silky. I am so pleased with the way it turned out! Thanks for watching.

(creativeoasiscoach) said...

Debbie, you were part of the reason the video shines! I was so lucky to have such a great group of women join me that day. And thank you for your kind words. You know that nothing brings me more joy than people finding ways to experience creative fulfillment!

It's been a honor to be part of your journey.